Plastic Gear Systems Prototyping

Is your design feasible? Can you actually make your product? Is your approach cost-effective? We help you prove out your design with high-precision prototypes both machined and molded.

Precision for Performance

We have extensive experience building prototype aluminum/steel-hybrid tooling. The benefits include fast turnaround and ease of modification to accommodate design changes during the development phase. We also provide precision machined/hobbed gears in a wide range of materials and configurations.

Pre-Production Molds

We have experience in molds that can also be used for pre-production. A prototype mold can typically produce 75,000-100,000 cycles, as compared to a production mold which can deliver 2 million cycles.

Fast Turn-Around

We can develop precise, repeatable parts out of prototype molds in as little as 5 weeks. Need it sooner? Contact us.